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Privacy Policy
Last updated: February 26, 2007

File Mojo strongly believes that your privacy should be respected. This is an agreement of trust and we regard it as our responsibility to protect your personal information. Under no circumstances will we sell your personal information and only if required to do so by an act of law enforcement will we reveal your personal information.

File Mojo will not disclose any of your personal information without your permission, except in instances where File Mojo regards it to be necessary in order to 1) fullfill legal requirements or comply with a legal process; 2) defend the rights or property of File Mojo; 3) uphold the User Agreement; 4) protect the best interests of File Mojo users or others 5) ensure the integrity of the File Mojo service or to improve the service.

The File Mojo service makes use of cookies in order to log users into accounts and provide a seamless interaction while logged in. We also use cookies to enhance various features of the service that do not require registration.

For all actions that File Mojo considers important or relevant to the service, we log the IP address related to the user that took the action in question. For example, every file uploaded also records the IP address that was responsible for the file upload. This is a security measure that can help to protect the File Mojo service in cases of abuse.

We take file security very seriously and regard it as an integral aspect of our service. File Mojo takes all the measures we regard as appropriate to ensure the integrity of file uploads, downloads and storage to protect both the privacy and reliability of our service.

Please keep in mind, File Mojo will never ask you for any passwords related to any of our features, whether in email or any other medium. File Mojo will also never ask you to supply any sort of billing information through email. If you receive an email claiming to come from File Mojo that asks for passwords, billing information, or any other manner of personal information - please be sure to contact us immediately with the related details of the email.

File Mojo reserves the right to alter this privacy policy without giving prior notification. We will however seek to always make a current version of this policy easily accessible through our Web site and attempt to notify File Mojo users when an update occurs.

Questions about our privacy policy can be directed to support@filemojo.com

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