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About File Mojo
File Mojo was founded on the basis that with increasing speed all files are moving from the PC to the Internet. We believe that the PC and the desktop will increasingly become irrelevant in direct relation to the number of files kept online. Whereas before people would store, access, edit, update, and generally interact with their files (be it photos, movies, music, software, documents, etc.) locally, all of these file functions will shift online.

With that in mind, our mission is to store and organize the world's files and to build the first Internet based file engine - a new software layer to replace the desktop file system.

Numerous trends are underway, and have been underway in some cases for decades, that are increasingly all but guaranteeing a shift away from the PC & desktop. With every increase in broadband speeds, cheap storage capacity and processing power, having a bulky, virus & trojan laden, expensive, buggy & crash prone relic like a current personal computer becomes unnecessary. In just ten years the average home connection to the Internet has increased in speed 60 to 100 fold, while the cost has in some cases barely increased; storage capacity has jumped equally fast, while 1 GB of storage has dropped in price by about 99%; again, processing power falls in line with these trends. To put it quite simply, the Internet is eating the personal computer, gradually replacing its usefulness with something better.

As all files move away from the PC, many things that were already important acquire even more importance in a global network environment. These are File Mojo's most important areas of focus, in order of importance:

- Security
- Ease of use
- Speed
- Storage capacity
- Features

File Mojo regards it as absolutely critical to provide a secure online storage space for our users. Our goal is to make your files more secure online, stored with us, than they are offline stored on your local computer.

Much of the point of moving away from the PC as a medium is that the Internet can easily deliver a better user experience through simplicity. As a rule, with every chance we get, File Mojo aims to shift complexity away from the end user's experience and to our infrastructure where it should be. Who wants to waste time learning how to use something? With one click you can share your file with the world.

We know how you like your uploads & downloads - fast, and the faster the better. We're all about instant gratification too. In line with that, we're constantly improving our service, making it faster and bigger.

In a very short amount of time the notion of having limited storage is going to be inconceiveable. We hope to drown the world in nearly unlimited storage capacity for all its users to fill with anything they choose.

Our preferred approach to innovation is to constantly introduce new features that benefit our users. The more useful functionality we build into File Mojo, the more powerful our service is and the more beneficial to our users we are. Plus, we really enjoy building new features, it's what we do.

We hope you enjoy using File Mojo. Your feedback is not just welcomed, it's encouraged, we built this for you. Contact us at support@filemojo.com

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